How to Grow Your Youtube Channel?


How to Grow Your Youtube Channel?

We know that the development chain of digital marketing spreading all over the world in the form of different categories like search engine optimization (SEO) including on-page, off-page, and technical SEO, pay per click (PPC) to run the campaign on google, online reputation management (ORM) to increase the value of brand, social media marketing (SMM) for promotion the business, and social media optimization (SMO) to come on 1st page of the search engine by sharing post, like, commenting, analysis of audience engagement, etc.

If we talk about social media channels, where we are connected with others all the time to promote a product or get information about a particular topic is Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Quora so we walk on the correct path. Apart from this youtube is one of the best platforms of google where we find solutions for any type of query via watching videos with subtitles.


In this article, you will see the important factors of how to grow your youtube channel, but before that, you should about the fundamentals of youtube channels.

Fundamentals of YouTube Channel:

Youtube is an American online video sharing and social media platform of google which facilitates audience or users by giving detailed information in good quality of the video to make understand in a better way.

You know about in every minute of every day, approx. more than 35 hours of video uploaded on youtube with rich content and tags.

Youtube is one of an emerging class of social applications that allow users to share and form communities around the content to make it interesting.

Whenever you watch any video related to your topic, subjects, or interest, then it will remember that video for a long time, similarly with the song and movies. Youtube provides a software named youtube downloader where you get high-quality videos to download and enjoy.

  • Discoverable – content found via suggested videos.
  • Shareable – share the content and video in a different medium.
  • Targeted – always target a specific audience to get a better response.
  • Inspiration – Keep inspired by knowledgeable video and its content.
  • Collaborative – Connect with others in the same stream for development.

Essential elements of YouTube Channel:

  • Logo, whenever you create a youtube channel always remember one important thing on youtube that the logo should be unique, make it simple, and describe something, for example – an infinite symbol.
  • Compelling Introduction, by this you will get extra engagement, and is the best way to influence the audience to stay on the channel for watching more videos.
  • Soft Background Music, insert soft music in the video which helps to refresh your soul, mood, and mind in one place to concentrate on your work and get the best output from it.
  • Insert Subscribe Button or Link, by this you will grab the audience’s mind towards your new upcoming video trailer, and at last, you deliver a short message about don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel and press the bell icon for notifications.

Important Factors to Grow YouTube Channel:

  • Optimize Videos for Watch Time, whenever you publish the video on a youtube channel you need to analyze the duration of the video. Suppose if you have targeted your audience with unique content and given a good quality that means, they will end up watching your long video because you have captured their attention.
  • Know Your Audience, this is a better option to grow youtube channel, because in this you will directly connect with the audience and their behavior, and perception, how many times the same videos are watched by them, detailed analysis of youtube channel analytics to know reach (organic traffic), engagement, watch time, unique viewers and subscribers.
  • Optimize Your Description with Popular Hashtag, before posting the video you will need to insert primary and targeted keywords into the title, description, and videos to grab the attention of the public.
  • Creating Dynamic and Interesting Videos, for an audience who enjoy watching, but before that, you will need to know about likes, dislikes, and perception about your targeted audience, it brings a new strategy.
  • Use Thumbnails, because they have a big impact on videos and their title for ranking purposes and attract viewers towards any song or funny video. Youtube videos have a higher click-through rate then you will use some important tactics like arrows, areas, text, and eye-catching graphics.
  • Increase Upload Frequency, this is most necessary for growing audience engagement on your youtube channel and helps boost your social media traffic. Maintain the consistency of scheduling videos, and keep your subscribers updated, when new videos will arrive.
  • Develop a sustainable Video Promotion Workflow, select content that you can develop, and find ways to streamline your production workflow.
  • Go Live on Youtube Channel, is a great way to pump out content without spending time. Live video is the easiest way to create video content. This format of video provides excellent engagement opportunities because you can communicate directly with the audience or users on your social media profile.

Some Useful Steps, secrets, and hacks to Expand Youtube Channel:

  • Find the way to be discovered by a new audience every single day.
  • Create content around a central theme to build your channel authority.
  • Dull vlogging does not turn viewers into customers.

After these 3 strategies, you can divide them into this youtube growth checklist.

  • Make a title that makes people click.
  • Prepare a short video about yourself.
  • Create the right content.
  • Manage tags.
  • Make a playlist with a caption.
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