Reach Your Target Audience Using Youtube Marketing


Reach Your Target Audience Using Youtube Marketing

Nowadays most people are engaged with the internet to find any solution or difficulty. Creating social media accounts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter to become famous, grab engagement, views, followers, likes from all over the world, but apart from this the most trending and popular platform of google is YouTube. So many people make videos and create youtube channels to get popular and receive income from that after 2-3 years. And reach the target audience using a youtube marketing campaign.

It is the second-largest search engine in the world after google which works on organic results and chance to connect with businesses and your target audience to increase views and subscribers. According to research, about 75 to 80% of people turn towards social media by using digital marketing services to build an online presence in the digital market.

It has more than 4 billion hours’ video viewers every month and estimates about 500 hours of video content uploaded every minute to increase the engagement insight.


Important Point to Remember:

Creating Youtube Channel

It is a very simple step to create and manage it, to become popular in the online market. Create a youtube channel, just link or sign in with your Gmail account, manage it with useful information like name, address, business phone number, photos, etc. After creating an account you will have to customize your channel.

Write a short profile description in the about section, mention your social media account links, the location where you belong from, join the community to increase views and likes, attract followers, well organize a video into the playlist, is the best option to keep your viewers on the page. You can customize your channel via youtube studio.

The most important part of youtube is to maintain consistency about scheduling or publishing of videos, fix the time and day. To see the response you will check the youtube analytics graph to know about how much organic traffic is coming from different sources and to get monetization your channel, when you hit 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours within the year, then you will be able to register for youtube partner and monetize your channel and after that, you will get income from it.

If you have a coaching institute channel then you will complete 4000 hours very easily because all the lectures are recorded in your voice without background music, and if you have any singer or musician channel on youtube then try to maintain consistency in all social media accounts, to come on live at least twice a week with same timing on Instagram.

Finding Right Audience

This part is playing a major role while you are searching or setting the benchmark for your channel. According to the marketing concept, you will keep in mind that every business needs the right audience to deliver a product or service at the right place and right time. So you know about your audience’s needs, wants, and desires. What type of video they want to listen to or watch is important, once you know the perception then you will make a video according to them to increase brand awareness and value.

By setting the criteria of the audience you will always remember that the video belongs to what age group and the location.

Competitor Research

This is another main component of a youtube channel or any other search engine, to keep the track record of your competitors on youtube also. Identify and market research about the competitor, how they write the content about videos, using hashtags, and many more to get the high reach.

SWOT Analysis – Understanding analysis of youtube channels before marketing, finding out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and then taking a step to upload the video.

Video Optimization

While doing video optimization on the youtube channel you will need to remember:

The Quality of the video is good.

Your title is a component of your video, it should be unique and appealing within 70 characters, not more than that.

The description should be specific, match with the title and usage of keywords, inserting social media links to attract the audience with a trending hashtag that is relevant to the video.

YouTube Advertising

In this digital marketing era, everybody wants to get an organic result in less time, the best idea is to invest some small amount of funds in youtube advertising to get maximum reach and output, from this people know about your business.

There are 4 categories in youtube advertising:

  • Skippable in-stream ads
  • Non-skippable in-stream ads
  • Video discovery ads
  • Non-video ads

Always use eye-catching thumbnails to make the first impression, it is the best way for viewers to decide what to watch when they are skimming through search results.

Set the bidding option according to how many days you want to run the campaign and what price, with which you will get the idea about how many people were reaching for a particular video.


If you want to reach the target audience by youtube marketing then you will upload at least 4 videos in a month, come on live interaction with friends and followers to increase followers and share the videos, post with graphics in multiple related groups, send the message regarding that, follow and subscribe my youtube channel to get more videos and press the bell icon for updates.

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