Search Engine Optimization

This is the main component of digital marketing in which we optimize the website with the help of keywords and make unique backlinks to get organic results.

On-Page SEO

In this technique of digital marketing we create a web page according to SEO guidelines where we have to analyze all the on-page factors:

  • Optimize the title and Meta description using LSI keywords.
  • Write high-quality unique content.
  • Image and alt tag optimization.
  • H1 to H6 tags optimization
  • Upload robots.txt and sitemap.xml file.
  • Make SEO and mobile-friendly URLs.
  • Upload google analytics and google verification code.
  • Upload Favicon
  • Optimize the social icons and accounts.
  • Optimize the website loading speed.
  • Crawling and indexing of web URL.

Off-Page SEO

After doing on-page SEO we need to analyze some off-page SEO also, in this method we make various types of backlinks to boost the website on the search engine result page by helping with keywords which is related to business.

Some of the off-page factors are listed below:

  • Lead generation by social media and profile Creation.
  • Submission on Q/A sites
  • Business listing

Technical SEO

In this technique, we meet the technical aspect of digital marketing to increase the ranking and improving online presence in the digital era. Using Pareto principle to help the prioritize 80-20 % rule as well as 3 main pillars of SEO:

  • Security, Site Speed, and Crawlability.
  • Eliminate errors and broken links by applying redirection code.

Content Marketing

We all know that in the current scenario content is the king of all websites or blogs then we need to use real and genuine content despite duplicate content.

Try to write content in your own words using good vocab. Proper use of keywords which is related to the topic is necessary because Google wants original content with grammar.